Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Spent a lovely day making lots of fabric paper as per instructions in Beryl Taylor's book Mixed Media Explorations. I have had this book since it first came out and it has become a favourite of mine. I really enjoy making the fabric paper and use it a lot as background pieces.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Back At Last

It is such a long time since I last posted but things have been a little bit hectic. The main reason I have not posted is that I had to have major surgery and obviously recuperation took quite a while during which time I haven't really felt very inspired. Anyway I am on the right side of things now and am feeling quite enthusiastic about my textile work again.
To get me going I joined an online class through Joggles. It was Michelle Verbeeck's Cat Sack class. It was really good to look forward to something each week and just to get me going again. I really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures that include the choice of materials, work in progress and the finished cat sack. Good fun!