Thursday, 27 September 2007

Quilted Bag

Tonight I made the quilted bag from the material and pattern that my friend Ali bought for me. I really enjoyed making it and am pleased with the result. Ali was right - she knew I would love the colour scheme and I do. Have taken a photo of the inside with the magnetic fastener just to prove to Ali that I have finished the bag off properly.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Another Felted Bag and Look What I Got in the Post

I had another go at knitting and felting a bag. This time I used Twilleys Freedom Spirit 100% wool. As I was sewing up the seams the top edge folded itself so I decided to sew this down and it has made a nice rolled edge. I then sewed round some fashion yarn just to give it that finishing touch!

When I arrived home from work this lunchtime I had a lovely surprise of two packages in the post. One was from Annica who is also a member of Unlimited Textiles. She was my swap partner this month for the postcard swap. What a lovely postcard. Annica thank you I really love it. Just my colours and I really like the texture. Please look at Annica's blog she does really lovely work.

The other parcel was from my very bestest friend Ali. We have been friends for more years than we care to remember and although we live a fair distance from each other we are constantly in touch and I am very very grateful for her friendship and support. Anyway back to the parcel. Ali had sent me some lovely fabric that has a pattern for a bag with it, some sari ribbon (gorgeous colours) and two lovely wooden angels. Thank you Ali for the lovely present.

Last night I started a calligraphy course at the local college. The two hours I was there flew by. I think I am going to enjoy the course and hope to include some lettering in my textile work (obviously when I get a more proficient at the calligraphy). That may be a while yet as it isn't the easiest thing to do and will take lots and lots of practice. Looking forward to it though.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Hand Knitted Felted Bag

This is the bag I knitted with the wool bought at the Stitch and Craft show the other weekend. I am definitely having another go at this. Just great to knit up the bag very quickly on size 12 needles, sew together seams and then throw in the washer at 40 degrees. Outcomes a felted bag. Wonderful! My mum happened to be visiting me as I was finishing off and was ready to put knitting into the washing machine. She wouldn't believe that I was making a felted bag until she saw the finished article come out of the machine. She was impressed!

I bought the yarn (Twilleys Freedom Chunky and Paris Mohair) with free pattern from Designer Knitting Yarns and as it says on their site 'bag making is addictive'. Watch out for more bags on my blog.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Great Day

I had a lovely day today. I went to the Stitch and Creative Crafts Show with my future daughter-in-law and her Mum. We had a good look round (after a coffee first of course!) and then went round again this time shopping. As you would suspect I was very tempted to buy lots and lots. Here are the things I did buy. The wool is to knit a felted bag which I have wanted to do for quite a while. The variegated wool is for knitting socks. I love knitting socks. The jazzier the better! Lots of little charms and flowery sequins from MeiFlower which I have to say was my favourite stall. I am sending a little pressie to my best friend and textile/arty buddy Ali. She knows this will be on it's way to her next week but not what I am sending. Perhaps she can guess from the photo!

After shopping we went for a very nice lunch in a lovely Chinese Restaurant. Thank you to Ailsa and Fiona for a great day out. I am so pleased that we have the same interests. Whilst typing this I have heard that Ailsa has already started knitting her bag for felting. In that case I am now taking myself off to cast on!
Also I have put a photo here of part of my workroom. I am really pleased because I moved rooms the other day and now have a lot more space. Lots of thanks to my son who painted the room in express time and to my husband who spent the whole of a day helping me move furniture, books and materials which was no mean feat I can tell you. The thing is that now I have a larger room there is much more space for more supplies. Bliss!