Monday, 10 September 2007

Hand Knitted Felted Bag

This is the bag I knitted with the wool bought at the Stitch and Craft show the other weekend. I am definitely having another go at this. Just great to knit up the bag very quickly on size 12 needles, sew together seams and then throw in the washer at 40 degrees. Outcomes a felted bag. Wonderful! My mum happened to be visiting me as I was finishing off and was ready to put knitting into the washing machine. She wouldn't believe that I was making a felted bag until she saw the finished article come out of the machine. She was impressed!

I bought the yarn (Twilleys Freedom Chunky and Paris Mohair) with free pattern from Designer Knitting Yarns and as it says on their site 'bag making is addictive'. Watch out for more bags on my blog.


Mad about Craft said...

As you know I have finished my bag but you have got yours on your blogg before I have.

It looks lovely, the colour is nice and bright

maria said...

Wow this is really great Jan. I have done one as well but not put it on my blog yet