Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A Lovely Surprise

I have had a lovely surprise. When I bought the latest issue of Stitch magazine in it there are photos of some of the stars from the star swap. I am so excited that a piece of my work has been published in the magazine. What a real buzz to see the star I had made there alongside all those other wonderful stars. Plus the star I received is there as well. There are some very talented people out there.


sue said...

well done getting your star in the magazine, will find my copy and look for your name :)


Purple Missus said...

And I shall do exactly the same as Guzzisue :)
This is the trouble with not recognizing bloggers real names isn't it?
Well done by the way.

Annica said...

Congratulations Jan!
Which one is yours?

clevelandgirlie said...

Which star is yours? I live in the US but buy Stitch every issue - I love it and loved the star pictures.