Sunday, 28 October 2007

Walking in the Peak District

Instead of pottering about and ending up not doing very much as is usual on a Saturday we finally arranged to go for a walk in the Peak District with very close friends of ours. So armed with rucksacks full of food supplies myself, my husband, my two daughters, my very good friend L and her husband M, their two daughters and their son set out for the Peak District.
After hitting a couple of traffic jams due to roadworks we eventually arrived at the beginning of the walk. We piled out of our cars all raring to go when one of L's daughters realised she had not got the correct walking boots with her. After a bit of swapping about the poor girl ended up doing the walk in boots rather on the large side for her and not only that she wasn't feeling too well either! Anyway she completed the walk without a moan. Well done L's eldest!

Beside all that we had a lovely walk. It was rather steeper at the beginning than we had anticipated but we all coped well considering some of us (meaning me and dear husband) haven't been walking in years. The views were lovely, the rain held off until the very end
and I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even my eldest daughter was running up and down hills like a mountain goat and all after she had been pulling a face because she had to get up early. She had said she would never forgive L for making her get up so early on a Saturday morning (I am meaning teenage early which is not early of course!). We had one stop for lunch and the only other stop was for a re-arranging of L's son's socks to stop him getting blisters.
After we had been home and sorted ourselves out we rounded off the evening by spending it at L's where we had a Chinese meal. Thank you L and M and family for being such good friends and company. We always enjoy ourselves when we are with you. Looking forward to the next walk.


zquilts said...

WHERE IS this beautiful place????
What a great day you had !

zquilts said...

Thanks for that fabulous link you sent !!
Also - thanks for looking at my website - it's a home made 'make do" - can't afford a 'real' one - but I think it's okay! I really appreciate your taking the time to look !