Thursday, 1 November 2007

Getting Ahead For Christmas

Each year I like to make a little textile something for family and friends. The other day I received my copy of Quilting Arts gifts Holiday Issue magazine. I was inspired by one of the articles and decided to make these gift bags/decorations. I have made six so far and am enjoying making them so much that I cannot stop. Hope you like them.


zquilts said...

No -you're not having fun making them or anything - are you ??!!
The look great - and I especially love those great tassels!

Dale Anne said...

These look FABULOUS!
Will you be putting something inside or just giving them as is (which are a gift in themselves!)?
I have the magazine on order...hopefully in the mail this coming week.

Mad about Craft said...

These are beautiful, I can't wait to see them in the flesh so to speak.

Sheknits said...

These are really beautiful- fill them with chocolates!

Eva said...

These are gorgeous!!