Sunday, 11 November 2007

Another Felted Bag

I decided to make a larger felted bag and bought the approriate number of balls of yarn to do so. I was pleased with the size I knitted - popped the result in the washing machine and was moderately pleased with the finished bag. Not being pleased enough I decided to pop said bag back in the washing machine and in my excitement put on too long and hot a wash and of course you know the result. Ooops! One bag smaller than the previous bags I have knitted. Anyway it is quite cute and I love the colour.

My best friend Ali sent me a lovely brooch she had made. I have pinned it to the front of my bag. Thank you Ali it was a lovely surprise and I love it.


StegArt said...

Darling bag, and I love the embellishments.

zquilts said...

Very nice ! How large is it?

maria said...

This is lovely Jan. I wish it was mine